My Story: Choose Your Own Path

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Make the choices that'll change Mona's destiny


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My Story: Choose Your Own Path is a narrative game that gives you the chance to participate in Mona's life-story, a young woman with a ton of stories to share.

Playing My Story: Choose Your Own Path goes something like this: at the beginning, you'll find yourself standing inside a library where you can pick the stage in Mona's life that you want to read. For example, you can start with her first day in college, her pregnancy, when she entered the workforce, one of her romances. As a bonus, you can customize her look so you can actually empathize with her even.

Once you've chosen your starting point, it's time to have fun. You'll see simple animations along with the narrative so it's easier for you to follow along. At certain points of the story, Mona will find herself having to make certain decisions. These decisions are important because they affect the outcome of the story: should you be nice or rude to your roommate? should you give that boy the time of day or just ignore him? all these decisions will determine Mona's destiny.

My Story: Choose Your Own Path is the perfect narrative game for those who love reading and feeling part of the story.
By Beatriz

Android 4.0 or greater is required